I worship you


And I’m a misunderstood book!


I reveal myself onto you
Like the light emerging
from behind the dark clouds
You’re my sacred Love
You’re my holy shrine
I surrender my soul
I surrender myself to you
Come, come and discover me,
Be my explorer and search me through,
Through the maze that I’m lost in,
Through the dark alleys of my mind
I hand over myself to you
You’re my reader
And I’m a misunderstood book!

Somewhere in the Darkness


I’ve locked up myself
somewhere in the Darkness
I’ve chosen insanity over sanity
There’s a mask after mask on every single Face,
I’ve kept myself faithful
to my inner self.

So if you don’t like how I act,
You can call me insane
Because I love to hear that;
It’s better to be lost
Then belong to a herd full of fools.
I keep this mysterious smile on my face
Keep on guessing
Why the smile never fades!

– Junaid Ali Perwez



I’m yours,
and you are mine,
even though you don’t realize,
I’m there,
wherever you are.

use me as a bookmark,
Place me somewhere in your life,
go away,
forget me,
but one day when you are tired,
and turn pages around of your life,
you’ll find me there,
with you, in your life,
and from there will start that you left behind,
with a new beginning. 

You’ll know me and I’ll know you, 
it will be like a magic, 
a fresh new start of your life, 

but then will you know?
when to place me back
and forget about me,
because deep down in your heart
you will know,
I’ll be there,
waiting for you,
I’ll be there,
waiting for your sight.

I’ll remain there forever,
holding on to our memories together,
Holding on to odor of your body,
smiling about remembering the times,
when you looked deep down in my eyes
and smiled for me.

Bookmark me in your life, 
and I’ll be there forever, 
waiting for you!




(Above picture was taken from google serach)



She was something that

others can never be,

she was a stardust,

a bright and beautiful sky

covering up all the desires,

she seduced and allured

even the dead ones

followed her paths,


she was a deadly maze,

a dark cave,

but yet so fruitful,

that you can’t deny.

choices and decisions

all and all,

she ignored

and lived on the path

that she might have adored

you and I,

we all were concupiscence


scratched and bitten,

her grieve can’t be analogized.

She was something that

others can never be

a “Cyprian”mutilated

and destroyed,

rejected and out casted,

by the so called society of

you and I.


we shared and we enjoyed

but we rather keep her

out of the day light,

she was something that

others can never be

so we sold her to the devil

and devil was you and I.



* ‘Cyprian’ (A woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money)*





Pulse was dropping
I was drenched in my own sweat,
crowd was gathered around me,
faces were slowly fading away,
in the sheer silence,

I asked her: “What would it take to have a moment alone?”
She said: “Go away.”

I asked her again: “What should I do to be with you?”
She said: “Walk away.”

I asked her: “If I could contain her in my poem?”
She said: “Read to me, maybe I’ll change my mind.”

So I read, spoke out what my eyes perceived
and what my mind fantasized.
She kissed me soft and gentle;
and walked away!